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Galle History

Emile Galle was one of the most important jewelry, furniture, and art glass makers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Like most artists...
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Galle Marks

You never want to rely solely on marks to identify a Galle vase. But, it never hurts to be able to recognize an authentic mark. Our guide has....
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Real vs. Fakes

Most people just want to know if their Galle vase is real and its value. We see about ten fakes to ever one authentic piece of Galle art...
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Galle Shapes

Most Galle art glass collectors and dealers look at the shape of a vase. We can't list all possible shapes; but we did manage to find images...
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Galle Value Guide

Galle vases can be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It takes a lifetime to understand why some...
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Galle Design Styles

Some Galle vases are sports cars and others minivans. It is important to understand which vases are rare and which are generic and don't...
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Get A Free Appraisal

Right now we are providing free informal appraisals of all Galle vases. Just send us pictures of the vase and we can go from there.
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Popular Scenes

Whether we are talking flora or fauna, some Galle vase designs are just more popular than others. This does affect the demand aspect...
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