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Value of Galle Art Glass

How Much Is A Galle Vase Worth?

All antiques are valued based on their popularity and condition.  We can take this a step further with Emile Galle art glass vases.  Their values are determined by the style, scene, size, and provenance.  We would say that about 80% of the Galle vases you see on the market today are valued between $500 and $2,000.  Another 15% are worth between $2,000 and $10,000.  Only one in twenty Galle vases really even has a chance to be worth $10,000 or more.  There is no cheat sheet or formula to determine the value of a particular vase.  You really just have to understand what makes one vase more desirable than another.  Of course the easiest way to figure out how much your Galle vase is worth is to just ask us.  Send us an email with pictures and we can tell you how much we could buy it for and what it would sell for on the collector market today.  Vases@GalleArtGlass.com  In the meantime we would encourage you to check out our guide below for more value information.

Most Important Value Factor:  Style

We have a complete guide to the different Galle vase styles.  Once you understand the styles then everything else comes much easier.  There is a big price difference between a commercial cameo vase made in the 1920s and a marquetry vase personally executed by Emile Galle himself.  There is definitely a hierarchy of value when it comes to construction and design styles.

Another Important Value Factor:  Scene

This is really where popularity comes into play.  Some vases are just more popular than others.  This has nothing to do with rarity.  For example, a vase with tulips may be many times rarer than a vase with a poppies.  However, if the poppies vase is more popular then it will always sell for more money.  Landscape and scenic vases are usually in demand.  Their value increases if you can identify what geographic area the vase is depicting.  Lake Como was popular with the Galle designers.  If you can identify the specific cathedral or bridge depicted on a vase then that extra bit of information will always add value.  We have a guide with over 50 different types of flora and fauna pictured on Galle vases.  Your best bet is to contact us directly if you would like to know if you have a popular and desirable scene.

Can Also Affect The Value:  Size & Provenance

These two variables can affect the value of any art glass object, especially Galle vases.  Generally speaking, a collector is going to want a larger vase over a smaller one if everything else about the two vases is the same.  Don’t assume that all large Galle vases are rare and expensive.  That simply isn’t the case.  However, just keep in mind that height and condition are definitely part of the value equation.  Provenance is a much more important value factor.  We are specifically talking about the circumstances around the original creation of the vase.  Was the vase personally executed by Emile Galle?  Was it perhaps an award winning vase from an exhibit or exposition.  These types of things are difficult, but not impossible to prove.  Such a provenance would make a Galle vase very appealing to collectors.  A documented line of ownership never hurts, but it isn’t going to add a significant premium.  Collectors want a provenance that makes the vase more historically important.

How Much Is Your Galle Vase Worth?

The answer is easy, just ask us.  We happily provide free appraisals.  Vases@GalleArtGlass.com

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