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Gallery of Emile Galle Vase Designs

The Flora and Fauna of Emile Galle Vases

If you are going to collect Galle art glass then you really need to familiarize yourself with the different types of flowers that were used on vases.  In addition to flowers there are a few types of animals and insects that were regularly used to decorate vases.  Different flowers have different appeals to different collectors.  If a certain type of flower appeals to a large segment of the market then there will be a larger demand for it.  A higher demand means higher prices.  Our guide has pictures of more than fifty plants and animals that were used by the artists at the Galle factory.  This list is not comprehensive, but it is certainly the best guide available on the internet.  Please send us an email and we can tell you how much your specific vase is worth.  We are also always interested buyers.  Vases@GalleArtGlass.com

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