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Value of Internally Decorate Galle Vase

Internally Decorate Galle Vase

Galle used every possible variety of internal decoration to obtain his effects. Plunging the parison into cold water crackeled the glass (a technique frequently used by Eugene Rousseau). Covering the parison with flecks of mica picked up from the marver, then blowing an outer layer of glass over this, gave an effect of a snow or sand storm, as the mica did not suffer change when heated in the kiln. Powdered colored glass picked up from the marver onto the parison could, when heated up, supply patches of color, while colored glass threads could be pulled into parallel lines, or become flower stems. Metallic foil was frequently used, silver or copper or gold, either as rectangular pieces or else torn, shredded. These were always carefully placed within the context of the finished outer surface the vase.

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