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Value of Mold Blown Galle Vase

Mold Blown Galle Vase

A large number of Galle vases were blown into molds to achieve the desired shaped before carving or enameling. However, blow-molded vases, that is vases which were wholly designed to take shape within a mold, are fairly rare. One of the earliest blow-molded vases, now in the School of Nancy Museum, is decorated with a curious bent giant of ta man in green glass, produced around 1890. In the years that followed a number of flower and fruit vessels were designed for the technique, including the water lily, the hyacinth, the fuschia, the clematis, the rhododendron, raspberries, purple plums and greengages. These lent themselves especially well to the blow-molded technique, the fruit, leaves or flowers bulging naturalistically from the body of the vessel, Another very curious model consisted of a frieze of elephants.

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